Government agencies, including the Credit Information Corporation (CIC), need to work together in creating new jobs for Filipinos. This was the statement made by Ms. Ana Liza M. Ragos, Chief of the Bureau of Local Employment, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) under the Employment Service Management Programs Division (ESPMD). This was in reaction to CIC’s participation in the first “Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan” (TNK) Job and Business Fair held in Riverbanks Activity Center Marikina City which was initiated by DOLE and DTI in partnership with Cong. Bayani F. Fernando, Representative of the 1st District of Marikina, Mayor Marcy R. Teodoro of Marikina and Ms. Lian de Leon, President of Kahanga-hangang Piipinas.
The TNK Job Fair’s theme was “Kasipagan, Katapatan, Kagalingan, Karangalan (4Ks) Para Sa Ganado Sa Pag-Asenso.
This was the first time that CIC and three of its four special accessing entities (SAEs), CIBI Information, Inc. (CIBI), CRIF Philippines (CRIF) and TransUnion Information Solutions (Transunion) participated in any of the job fairs organized by DOLE.
“This is actually the first time that we adopted the TNK concept with DTI in this undertaking and to have the Credit Information Corporation introduce its services to the public,” Ragos said. “But we recognize how important it is to work with other government agencies. Everyone has to work together.”
The TNK Employment and Entrepreneurial Job and Business Fair is the first collaborative effort between DOLE and DTI in meeting the livelihood needs of Filipinos. It represents the government’s new employment strategy of combining job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, formalization and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), reduction of the youth unemployment rate, education and training.
“We can’t do it alone,” Ragos said, referring to the challenging task of generating livelihood and employment for millions ofilipinos. “We organize the job fairs, the local government helps bring in the people to the job fairs. Right now, the Administration has a target of 7.5 million jobs to fill in the next six years. Not everyone will end up being employed. How else will they make a living? They get into business, they become entrepreneurs. This is where the DTI and the CIC come in.”
About ten thousand job vacancies were offered by the 96 employers who joined the event in Marikina City. The TNK Job Fair also featured learning sessions on labor education such as employment coaching, workers’ rights and benefits and DOLE’s livelihood programs. DTI, on the other hand, held entrepreneurial sessions around the themes “How to Start and Grow a Business” and “Business Start-Ups with Minimum Capital”. Over 1,200 participants attended the learning sessions. CIC President and CEO Jaime Garchitorena took the opportunity to explain how aspiring entrepreneurs could make use of the credit reports that will be generated by the organization in helping them obtain working capital to start their own business.
Beginning May this year, the CIC will be opening its Credit Information System (CIS) for beta testing. Filipinos who have loans and other credit exposures to any of the CIC’s submitting entities are highly encouraged to update their account information, including their identification as early as now, in order for them to enjoy the full benefits of CIC’s CIS when it is officially launched in 2018.
A total of 191 people were hired on the spot (103 female and 88 male), including a 62-year old carpenter named Rolando Sardenia. The figure comprises 11.4% over the total of 1,675 registered applicants.
By 2022, the government expects to generate 7.5 million jobs in key employment generating sectors such as manufacturing, food processing, construction tourism, information-technology business process management, transportation and logistics and retail trade, leading to a single-digit unemployment rate of 5 percent.
Ragos mentioned that DOLE regional offices conduct year-round job fairs in coordination with the LGUs. However, job fairs are held simultaneously across all regions every year on Labor Day, May 1, and Independence Day, June 12.


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