Personnel Ranking


Senior Management

This refers to the executive officers of the GOCC, and includes all heads of functional units, which are primarily involved in the development, evolution, and approval of long-term vision across a function or area of specialization. lt includes those who lead the development of function strategy, implement and maintain policies of the organization for area of responsibility. (e.g., Deputy Administrator, Sr. Deputy Administrator, Assistant General Manager, Executive Vice President, Sr. Vice President, Vice President, etc.)

Middle Management

This covers those whose work is primarily achieved through others, with direct accountability for setting direction and deploying resources. Responsible for people management, including performance evaluation and pay reviews and typically hire/fire decisions. lncludes individual conkibutors who are recognized as subject matter experts with in-depth technical knowledge, project management and significant influence skills in area of expertise (e.g., Head of Department or Service).

Professional and Supervisory

This level comprises the personnel whose work is primarily achieved by an individual or through project teams. Requires the application of expertise in professional or technical area(s) to achieve results. Typically has a university degree or equivalent work experience that provides knowledge and exposure to fundamental theories, principles and concepts. lncludes supervisors and junior management that may not have full management authority (e.g., Financial Analyst/Specialists, Accountant, HR Officer, etc.)

Clerical/General Staff

This category includes all clerical, administrative and secretarial staff with little or no supervisory responsibility but who contribute independently to the organization. lt also covers basic computing/data processing staff such as operators, customer service assistants and skilled craftsmen/technicians (e.g., Secretary, Clerk, Finance Processor, Administrative Assistant, Chauffeur, Utility Worker, Messenger).